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Blue Zone Coaching for Senior Management

Create your own Blue Zone of wellness and longevity with Blue Zone Coaching.
Addressing mental health, physical health, family-ties, stress, fitness & nutrition.

Blue Zone Coaching is partly based on the lifestyle in the 5 Blue Zones. Blue Zone is a concept used to identify 5 demographic/geographic regions of the world, identified and discussed by Buettner, where people live measurably longer lives. Regions with the highest rate of longevity and males of 100+ years old, living their lives in vibrant health.
What they have in common is a high raw plant based diet, a constant moderate physical activity, no smoking, maintaining family ties and social engagement. Resulting in lower rates of cancer and heart disease and almost no dementia.
On top of this you and I will work on: self-acceptance, reducing stress, neutralizing issues from the past, implementing the latest insights on food and nutrition, loosing weight if necessary.
As an expert on treating depression, burnout, trauma’s and conflicts I am committed to assist you during your journey to wellness and longevity. Sharing with you my knowledge of food and nutrition I gathered as a marathon-runner.
My clients are board-members, entrepreneurs, top-athletes & artists.
All the facets of Blue Zone Coaching I have experienced and successfully dealt with in my personal life so I know where you are coming from, knowing what your gain could be.
Please let me know if you have any questions, I would be happy to assist you,
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