Blue Zone Coaching (English)

Create your own Blue Zone of wellness and longevity with Blue Zone Coaching for Senior Management. Addressing mental health, physical health, family-ties, stress, fitness & nutrition.

Blue Zone Coaching

Blue Zone Coaching for Senior Management is partly based on the lifestyle in the 5 Blue Zones. Blue Zone is a concept used to identify 5 demographic/geographic regions of the world where people live measurably longer lives.  Identified and discussed by Dan Buettner. Regions with the highest rate of longevity and males of 100+ years old, living their lives in vibrant health.
What they have in common is a high raw plant based diet.  A constant moderate physical activity. No smoking, maintaining family ties and social engagement. Resulting in lower rates of cancer and heart disease and almost no dementia.Relatietherapie

You and I will work on self-acceptance. Neutralizing issues from the past. Reducing stress. Implementing the latest insights on food and nutrition. We discuss exercise and loosing weight if necessary.

Blue Zone Coaching

As an expert on treating depression, burnout, trauma’s and conflicts I am committed to assist you during your journey to wellness and longevity. Sharing with you the knowledge of food and nutrition I gathered as a marathon-runner.

Blue Zone Coaching is ideal for board-members, entrepreneurs, top-athletes & artists. So much to do, so little time for reflection.
All the facets of Blue Zone Coaching I have experienced and successfully dealt with in my personal life. So I know where you are coming from and what your gain could be. We can meet in Leiden or your place.
Our talks are confidential. A referral is not needed.
Please let me know if you have any questions. I would be happy to assist you.


Валерия Д… : Coming from a place and culture of stoic refusal to address negative feelings, I have had a hard time getting over myself and starting seeing a therapist. Francis does not tell me anything new, if anything, it is almost like an ordered reminder of what I already know. Sometimes it is a verification of something I have been thinking about, sometimes it is a different shift of thought to look at the same exact situation differently. What has helped me as someone who likes to analyze and philosophize, is a clear step-by-step explanation of why I feel the way I feel, what drives some of my thoughts, actions, emotions. I like the theory behind it Francis offers and I like that every question I have is taken seriously. I’d recommend Francis as a conduit of self-exploration, why I am the partner I am, what partner do I want to be, how do I want to show up in the work environment, in my family, as a friend and parent? What stops me from being the best version of myself. That type of existential questions we discuss with ease and clear softness – which is what has helped me to get over the skepticism I had for therapy altogether!

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